Driving Diversity in the Hollywood System: ‘This Isn’t a Game We Win by Playing Their Rules’ (Video)

TheGrill 2021: ”We’re playing a different game, and we have the opportunity to expand the ecosystem and change the culture of the industry itself,“ contends Marginal MediaWorks’ Sanjay Sharma

Hollywood has long paraded the importance of improving diversity, inclusion and representation, but its structures built on exclusion largely remain in place.

It was a topic the “Amplifying Diverse Voices in Hollywood” panel — including Carmen Carerra, Deon Taylor, E. Brian Dobbins, Manjari Makijany, Marja-Lewis Ryan, Samata Narra and Sanjay Sharma and moderated by CEO of Black Monarch Entertainment Olivia Charmaine Morris — explored. The group discussed the importance of centering more diverse voices in the entertainment industry, what progress has been made and moreover, what’s left to be done.

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