Gaming Industry’s Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Should Start With Kids, Experts Say (Video)

TheGrill 2021: ”For young people coming into games, it is as much a form of expression as it is a form of shared experience of play,“ says Gordon Bellamy of Gay Gaming Professionals

Diversity and inclusion efforts in the video game industry shouldn’t begin at the hiring stage; they should start with high schoolers and even younger kids.

That’s what the industry experts who participated in the “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Gaming” panel, presented by Take-Two Interactive, all agreed upon. The discussion was part of TheWrap’s The Grill 2021 and moderated by Take-Two’s DEI director, Chanel Ward.

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Lawrence Yee

Lawrence Yee has been deputy editor at TheWrap since 2019. He was previously editor in chief at FANDOM and deputy editor at Variety. Twitter: @lawryee