‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Sequel? Peter Farrelly Is ‘Tellin’ You There’s a Chance’ (Video)

The co-director envisions a trilogy — providing audiences want to see it

Critics aren’t exactly in love with “Dumb and Dumber To,” but only time will tell if audiences fall for it this weekend.

And if they do, co-director Peter Farrelly thinks “there’s a chance” for a sequel — which would be called “Dumb and Dumber For” — because he envisions the franchise as a trilogy.

“I’m telling’ you there’s a chance, because it is so much fun to do, and if this movie does OK, I can see it doing a third,” Peter told IGN in an interview (above). “It feels like a trilogy, and people love these two characters.”

“I can see us doing another one in 20 years,” brother Bobby Farrelly joked.

This sequel is expected to top the box office this weekend as Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels return as dimwits Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne, respectively, who road trip to Texas in order to track down Dunne’s long-lost daughter in hopes of convincing her to part with one of her kidneys.

If audiences want another idiotic adventure, Carrey and Daniels will be listening.

“This was a complete reaction to the audience,” Carrey said of the sequel. “We never heard the end of it.”

“It happened, because they wanted it,” Daniels added.