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Ebola NYC Case Drives Media Into Overdrive With Bombastic Headlines, Exhaustive Cable News Coverage

See how networks, newspapers and online publications are covering

The mere word Ebola stokes fear in many Americans. And some of the Friday headlines online and in print certainly might have the same effect.

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The Huffington Post went with a Batman theme while the Drudge Report took the animalistic angle. (see below sampling from around the internet)

And on cable news this morning, all networks led with the big-city Ebola case. At 6a.m. “Fox & Friends” started with “eight million people live here, so how many are at risk?”

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“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough was less concerned: “In this case, there’s absolutely no reason for somebody to be panicked because they were in three feet of a bowling alley [where Craig Spencer was Wednesday].

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CNN started its 10a.m. hour with “Ebola in the big apple, ahead this hour, facts not fear” and “breaking news and rattled nerves in New York City.”

Expect wall-to-wall coverage throughout the cable news day. Last night, cable news threw away the rundowns to cover the breaking news of Craig Spencer being diagnosed with Ebola.

Ebola HuffPost Gotham

Ebola Jungle

The New York Post chose the short, sweet, and scary while its competitor was just the facts:

NY Post

NY Daily News