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Exec VP of Programming Departs Hallmark

David Kenin leaves only a month after Hallmark’s president-CEO Henry Schleiff stepped down.

David Kenin, the executive vice president of programming at the Hallmark Channel, will depart the company at the end of May, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


A replacement for Kenin has yet to be named; Barbara Fisher, senior VP of original programming and Michelle Vicary, senior VP of acquisitions and scheduling, will oversee Kenin’s responsibilities temporarily. 


Kenin is leaving only a month after Hallmark’s president-CEO Henry Schleiff stepped down and was replaced by Bill Abbott, the company’s top advertising executive. Abott said parent company Crown Media’s board or Hallmark management did not ask Kenin to resign.


But he recent departures may heighten speculation about the intentions owner Crown Media has for the company.


"David leaves us with a strong and experienced management team with which we’re comfortable," Abbott said, according to the trade. "We will stay true to our brand and to family programming. He added that Hallmark ad revenues are "relatively healthy" in comparison with local TV stations.


Kenin joined Crown Media in 2002, since which he has increased the network’s original and acquired programming to help boost ratings. He also helped to develop and launch the Hallmark Movie Channel.