‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise Is Target of New Spoof Movie ‘Superfast!’

Parody filmmakers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer will write and direct the movie, which K5 International is selling at Cannes

Parody filmmakers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are set to write and direct a "Fast and Furious" spoof movie titled "Superfast!"

According to K5 International, "Superfast!" aims to send up the fast cars, fast women and wooden acting that has made the "Fast and Furious" franchise one of the most successful in Hollywood history.

Friedberg and Seltzer previously lampooned romantic comedies ("Date Movie"), Hollywood blockbusters ("Epic Movie"), the "Twilight" series ("Vampires Suck") and sword-and-sandals epics ("Meet the Spartans").

The filmmakers' longtime collaborator Peter Safran ("Scary Movie") will produce and fully finance the project.

K5 International is handling foreign sales at Cannes, where it's also shopping the Safran-produced Paul Walker movie "Vehicle 19."

"Superfast!" has already attracted a number of major territory deals including Russia (Volga), Germany (Wild Bunch), Italy (Lucky Red), Middle East (Falcon) and Latin America (Sun), with other deals being finalized.

“Jason and Aaron will drive audiences crazy with this latest parody. It’s a franchise that’s crying out for some high octane comedy collisions and these are the guys to get a speeding ticket doing it," said K5 International co-founders Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur.

“These guys have no reverse gear. They probably don’t have first or second either. This is going to be one ridiculously funny ride," added K5 exec Carl Clifton.

As writer-directors, Friedberg and Seltzer's movies have grossed more than $350 million worldwide, not counting their work as writers on "Scary Movie" and "Spy Hard."