YouTube Sensation Charles Ramsey to Be Honored With Statue

Fresh off a viral autotuned homage to the hero, a statue honoring Ramsey will be donated to a Cleveland museum

Charles Ramsey, the Celevand, Ohio man who helped rescue three women from a decade of captivity earlier this month, is joining the likes of Batman, Rocky and John McClane with a statue erected in honor of his heroism.

The statue will be unveiled to the public on Friday in Stanville, Kentucky at the Eric C. Conn Law Office.

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"I can't think of a better way to commend my friend Charles than having a statue made in his honor," Conn, a self-professed lover of statues, said.

Ramsey became a nationally-recognized hero after he noticed Amanda Berry, a Cleveland-area woman missing since 2003, screaming for help inside his neighbor's home on May 6. After breaking down the door, a 911 call led to police freeing two other women, Michelle Knight and Georgina DeJesus, kidnapped years ago by 52-year-old former school bus driver Ariel Castro.

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A news interview featuring Ramsey spirited recount of the rescue quickly went viral and he became an overnight internet sensation. His lively personality was even celebrated with one the highest honors the internet can bestow — the autotune treatment.

Following the statue ceremony, the piece will be donated to a museum in Cleveland, which is Ramsey's hometown.

The name of the artist commissioned to sculpt Ramsey's statue was not revealed, but he or she did note one particularly daunting challenge: "The most difficult part of making the statue is sculpting Ramsey's unique hair style."