Fox Hooks Up With ‘Divorce Hotel’ at MIPCOM

"Divorce Hotel" will help couples end their marriages in the quickest possible manner that doesn't involve a gun and a shovel

Fox might not have gone to MIPCOM looking for a divorce — but it got one anyway.

The network put in a pilot order for a new series, "Divorce Hotel," at the conference in France. The project, which comes from A. Smith & Co. Productions and BASE Productions (the same people who brought us "Hell's Kitchen" and "America Ninja Warriors"), revolves around a real-life Dutch business, the Divorce Hotel, where couples check in to end their marriages as quickly as possible.

Yes, really.

"A dedicated team of attorneys, counselors, and mediators condense the normally lengthy and expensive divorce process into a whirlwind weekend packed full of emotional ups and downs," according to a description of the project. "On Sunday, the newly-exes check out of the Divorce Hotel single, ready to move on to the next phase of their lives."

You won't get that kind of service at Disneyland.

And if the team of professional splitter-uppers fail to do their jobs?

"In some cases, the couple may not go through with it, and they leave still married," the announcement continues. "Whatever the outcome, every Divorce Hotel experience has extremely high-stakes."

High-stakes? You don't say…

Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Mickey Stern and John Brenkus will serve as executive producers on "Divorce Hotel."