Tucker Carlson Sparks Outcry for Calling Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn an ‘Angry Left-Wing’ Activist (Video)

Dunn’s lawyers released a statement condemning the Fox News host

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson sparked outcry Wednesday night when he called Black Capitol police officer Harry Dunn an “angry left-wing political activist.”

“On Tuesday, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi will call on police officer Harry Dunn. Dunn will pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community, but it turns out Dunn has very little in common with your average cop. Dunn is an angry, left-wing political activist,” said Carlson, referring to Dunn’s forthcoming testimony in front of the Congressional committee converged to investigate the deadly Jan. 6 riot.

He pointed to social media posts Dunn, who is Black, has made about racism before.

Dunn’s lawyers, David Laufman and Mark Zaid, released a statement Wednesday night that read, “Tonight Fox News allowed its host Tucker Carlson, who has not served a day in uniform, whether military or law enforcement, to criticize the heroism and service of African-American U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn. Our client has served 13 years in law enforcement and on January 6, 2021, fought against an insurrectionist violent crowd — no doubt many of them Carlson’s supporters — to protect the lives of our elected officials, including Vice President Pence.”

They went on, “Officer Dunn, who would lay down his life to protect a Member of Congress, regardless of being a Republican or Democrat, will testify next Tuesday before the House Select Committee investigating the events of the insurrection. Frankly, the last thing Carlson wants is for the truth to emerge of what happened that day and why.”

The attorneys weren’t alone in speaking out. Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell wrote, “Forever grateful to officers like Harry Dunn. He put his body between lawmakers and an armed mob. You know who else Officer Dunn protected…Tucker Carlson’s son, a House staffer. RT if you stand with Harry and against white supremacy.”


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