Sean Hannity Blasts Rachel Maddow, Jake Tapper as ‘Worst Examples’ of ‘Propaganda Press’ (Video)

“Do these people have any intellectual honesty? Any integrity at all?” host asks

Fox News host Sean Hannity has casually suggested that the “alt-left propaganda media” ignored President Obama’s “radical ties.” Hannity made the statement during a Monday night segment dedicated to how the mainstream media has covered President Trump’s supposed ties to Russia.

“Now, it’s one thing for the alt-left propaganda media to not vet Barack Obama. They didn’t do that. They didn’t look at his radical ties because they have his agenda,” Hannity said. He then criticized the media’s treatment of Trump, saying it borders on “malice and malpractice.”

Hannity said the mainstream media is running with the story about Trump’s ties to Russia despite “actual journalists” declaring that it is not true. He then played a series of clips from MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” MSNBC’s “Hardball” and CNN’s Jake Tapper, referring to them as the “worst examples” of “propaganda press.”

“Did you know there is not a shred of evidence?” Hannity asked those programs. “Do these people have any intellectual honesty? Any integrity at all?”

The Fox News host pondered if media members are ever going to apologize to Trump and admit they’re wrong.

Hannity also defended members of the Trump campaign for allegedly meeting with a Russian ambassador.

“It’s political standard practice. In fact, over the weekend, shocker of all shocks. Russian spokesman actually said people tied to Hillary Clinton’s campaign did the exact same thing,” Hannity said. “During the campaign, wow.”

Hannity then played a segment from CNN in which the Kremlin Press Secretary admits Clinton staffers “probably” had similar meetings.

“Where is all the liberal outrage?” Hannity asked. “This is a perfect example of stunning hypocrisy from the left.”

The Fox News host never elaborated on his comment regarding Obama having “radical ties.”

Check out the video above.