‘Game of Thrones’ Queen Lena Headey Reigns Over ‘White Collar’ (Photos)

Yes, that is Cersei Lannister in Tuesday’s episode of the USA Network drama

Lena Headey so perfectly portrays the icy and incestuous Queen Cersei on HBO's "Game of Thrones" that it's a bit strange to see her in mere peasant clothes.

But there she is, rocking a tank top, on Tuesday's episode of the USA Network series "White Collar." Cersei Lannister would so not approve.

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Headey's "Game of Thrones" character would, however, sign off on the role the actress plays in the episode: a morally conflicted hacker who also beds Mozzie, the jittery con-man played by Willie Garson. Way to go, Stanford from "Sex and the City"!

And, hey, Headey even gets to smile for a change.

Here are some more photos of Lena Headey — looking glum, looking like she's eating and looking post-coital — in the "White Collar" episode "Taking Account," which airs at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday.