Gary Oldman Acts Out R. Kelly’s Autobiography on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

"Yo Pac, I just wanted to holler at you,” Oscar nominee says

In a career that spans three decades, Gary Oldman has played everyone from Dracula to Ludwig van Beethoven, but on Tuesday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," he embarked on his greatest acting challenge yet. 

The Oscar-nominated thespian channeled R. Kelly while performing a dramatic reading from the R&B singer's new autobiography "Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me." 

Outfitted in a tuxedo and silk scarf, Oldman tore into lines like, "Yo Pac… just wanted to holler at you," as if he were reciting the St. Crispin's Day speech from "Henry V." 

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It doesn't quite reach the heights of absurdity achieved by Oldman's "Jersey Shore" recap on a previous Kimmel show, but even R. Kelly can't compete with Snooki's urinary tract infection. 

Here's hoping he does the Audible version of "Soulacoaster."