‘General Hospital’ Blasts Racist Trolls for Attacking Star Tabyana Ali Online: ‘GH Is for Everyone’

The soap opera actress previously spoke out about the social media vitriol, telling her racist critics to “touch some grass”

Tabyana Ali, "General Hospital"
Tabyana Ali, "General Hospital"

“General Hospital” came to cast member Tabyana Ali’s defense after the actress received hateful, racist comments on her social media accounts.

The ABC soap opera issued a statement on Instagram on Tuesday, writing, “‘General Hospital’ does not tolerate hatred or bigotry of any kind. Racism has no place in Port Charles. #GH is for everyone.”

Ali re-shared the post on Twitter, adding, “I appreciate you so much ABC/GH.”

The 22-year-old actress previously addressed “anyone who hates me” in a June 9 Twitter thread as the attacks mounted: “I don’t know you and you don’t me, but regardless I’m sending you peace, safety and prosperity … I also pray you touch some grass, see the sun, eat a delicious meal and find something to do.”

She continued, “But we got to find another way to fight. I’ve realized ignoring doesn’t help but neither does giving the energy back. We’re going in circles and that doesn’t get us anywhere. Everybody might not agree with me but thats OK. I just want to let ‘those’ people know, I see you.”

Ali concluded, “If you found something you loved to do other than hurting people, you would never have the energy to say what you’ve been saying to people ONLINE!”

Costar Maura West tweeted her support last week, writing, “I love you, Tabyana. I admire your strength and loving, open heart. You are a shining example of the best of humanity.”

On the series, West’s Ava Jerome has been a motherly figure to Ali’s Trina Robinson. Ali joined the show in March 2022, stepping into a role previously played by Tiana Le and Sydney Mikayla.

Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis Davis on the show, also tweeted that those who “spew hatred and racism at Tabyana” are insulting the entire cast. “We condemn and reject it,” she wrote. “We stand by our friend and colleague in her dignified and gracious response. There’s no place for racism of any kind in our beloved GH community.”


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  1. Mina Avatar

    The American soap operas are still acting like they’re in the 1960s and not 2024 as are some in their fandoms, it’s fascinating. Wish her well in her career.

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