‘Ghostbusters’ Blu-ray Version Will Be 15 Minutes Longer, Paul Feig Says

Director assures that additional VFX of home video edition will match theatrical release

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Fans of the upcoming “Ghostbusters” reboot are in for a treat: The extended cut of the movie, which boasts a runtime 15 minutes longer, will be available on the home video release.

“The editor’s first cut was four hours and 15 minutes, and I trimmed that down to a slim 3 and a half hours,” Feig told Collider. “I knew I had to bring this down under two hours. You just start weeding and saying, ‘What do people want to delve deeper into and what do we wanna just kind of skirt through and get to the fun parts?’”

Though viewers will only see the condensed version of the film when it hits theaters next week, Feig said Sony provided the budget to ensure that the special effects on the additional footage would still be what’s expected of a theatrical release.

“It’s actually some stuff that we finished the VFX on just because we wanted to have this nice-looking extended cut too, so it was very kind of the studio to let us finish all of that,” Feig said.

The DVD version will also include plenty of deleted scenes and extra material, Feig said.

“Ghostbusters,” which stars Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon, premieres in theaters on July 15.