GLAAD and The Black List Open Call for The 2021 GLAAD List Submissions

Netflix, Hello Sunshine and Ryan Murphy Productions are also partners in the drive for LGBTQ-inclusive scripts

The Black List's Franklin Leonard/Getty Images

GLAAD and The Black List have opened submissions for the 2021 GLAAD List of LGBTQ-Inclusive Scripts, beginning July 20.

The 2021 GLAAD List will be the third curated list of the most promising unmade LGBTQ-inclusive scripts in Hollywood that have been hosted on or were included on the 2020 annual Black List.

Submissions for The 2021 GLAAD List open Tuesday and will close Sept. 20. To submit, filmmakers and content creators can submit a script to The Black List website. This year marks the first year both feature films and original pilot submissions will be considered.

The goal of the 2021 GLAAD List are as follows: “The scripts on The GLAAD List represent the type of stories that GLAAD would like to see studios producing. With the proper attention, and with the collaboration of the right directors and actors, these scripts show tremendous promise and should one day become films and series that will both entertain audiences and change hearts and minds around the world.”

Additionally, GLAAD and The Black List have formed partnerships with a team of production companies, studios, and streaming services to boost efforts to advance LGBTQ-inclusive storytellers. Berlanti Productions, Hello Sunshine, MGM/Orion Pictures, Netflix, Ryan Murphy Productions and Village Roadshow Entertainment Group join The GLAAD List “Founder’s Circle.” Members of the Founders Circle have enabled the program to waive a select number of writers’ fees.

“At a time when Hollywood is hearing the calls to address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in meaningful ways, The GLAAD List provides Hollywood with new talent who leverage the power of storytelling to grow acceptance and understanding of LGBTQ people,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “The genesis of this initiative was to create greater pathways of opportunity for marginalized voices who have not historically had pathways into the Hollywood ecosphere. And there are no greater partners to align with than The Black List and our Founder’s Circle members.”

“We’re thrilled to be joined in this important work by so many of the production companies whose work I’ve admired for as long as they’ve been doing it,” said Franklin Leonard, the founder of The Black List. “It’s been an honor and a joy to work with GLAAD on an initiative that in two short years already has films in post and pre production despite the pandemic. They’re the first of many, many more.”

“GLAAD is thrilled to be partnering this year with so many of Hollywood’s most prolific creators of LGBTQ-inclusive content,” said Jeremy Blacklow, GLAAD’s Director of Entertainment Media. “This third edition of The GLAAD List is certain to be the most exciting yet as we set off with our Founder’s Circle partners to discover and amplify new voices.”

Finalists for The 2021 GLAAD List will be announced in the winter of 2021-2022.


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