We've Got Hollywood Covered

A Glimpse From Inside

This is what it looks like from inside the working world of Hollywood, now a strike zone. The screeching sound you hear is the shut-down of show after show, from Santa Monica to Burbank to Rockefeller Center. That is the sound of the brakes applied to a multibillion dollar entertainment industry. Here is one partial list of what’s circulating at talent agencies in the tv world, just to give the flavor of the rising sense of panic:

"A list of when shows are scheded to go lights out: 30 ROCK,  Shooting #210 through November 9th.* No additional scripts have been written. BIG BANG THEORY * Production shut down. CAPTAIN, THE* Shooting #102 November 8th ­ 14th. * Have scripts for #103 and #104 (production will conclude 11/30). CARPOOLERS
* Production shut down 11/16 CAVEMEN * Shooting #113 November 7th ­ 13th. * No additional scripts had been ordered.  COLD CASE * Production shut down 11/16.  DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES * Production shut down. DIRT
* Prepping #206 for a November 20th ­ 30th shoot. * Script written for #207 (only). DIRTY SEXY MONEY * Shooting #111 November 8th ­ 19th. * Prepping #112 next week. Shoots o/a 11/21. * There are other scripts written but it¹s unclear if production will continue. ELI STONE  * Prepping #111 now which shoots ~ 11/15­11/26. * Not clear if there¹s another script that¹s been written. GHOST WHISPERER * Shooting #312 November 12th ­ 21st. * No additional scripts written.  GREEK * Shooting #1018 starting November 15th. * No additional scripts (20 episode order) written. HEROES * Production shut down 11/9.  K-VILLE * Shot #110 October 28th ­ November 8th.* No update.   MEDIUM * Prepping 069-09 for a shoot November 15th ­ 28th. * No additional scripts have been written. OFFICE, THE * Production shut down.  OLD CHRISTINE  * Production shut down.
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT * Canceled production on #210 (was meant to shoot 11/7-11/13) * No additional scripts written * Production shut down.  SAMANTHA WHO * Production shut down 11/12. SWINGTOWN
* Shooting episode #103 11/9­11/21. * No additional scripts written. UNTIL DEATH * Episode #212 completes production on November 9th. * No answer at casting office. TWO AND A HALF MEN * Production shut down.
WITHOUT A TRACE* Production shut down 11/22."