Topping the Globes Party Circuit: Michael Douglas & Talk of Ricky Gervais

Party-hopping with Weinstein, Kavanaugh, Tarantino, Damon, Gyllenhaal and Dame Mirren

It was clear who the real winner was Monday night, to judge by the parties following the Golden Globes telecast. Cancer fighter Michael Douglas.

The beloved actor, with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, appropriately held down the couch that had been reserved for “The Fighter” at the Weinstein/Relativity party. Seemingly anyone who's ever stepped onto a Hollywood set made an appearance. (Below left, Eva Longoria gives Douglas a very hearty embrace and “close-talk.”)

The Marie Claire-sponsored party for 900 drew wave after wave of talent — everyone from 50 Cent (with three bodyguards), to Ryan Seacrest (“my briefing book [for E!’s red carpet] was twice as thick as my thigh”) and one of the oddest circles of the night: Quentin Tarantino, Quinton Aaron (from “The Blindside”) and Paris Hilton. (Below right, two rising “Ryan” moguls: Seacrest and party co-host Ryan Kavanaugh). 

Les Moonves and Julie Chen camped out at Harvey Weinstein’s table, with Moonves commenting on Ricky Gervais’ much-discussed hosting tone by saying, “You hire Ricky to do what he does. He’s funny, and I’m sure he pissed some people off, but Ricky’s Ricky.” Ben Silverman echoed the thought, telling TheWrap, “There’s no trouble for Ricky Gervais.”

Other eye-catching pairings within the sprawling “living room” that masked what is normally a parking lot: Jake Gyllenhaal (with his own security detail) and Matt Damon, Damon and Robert De Niro, Marc Anthony with 50 Cent, and everyone with Colin Firth.

As soon as the show ended, "Glee" winner Chris Colfer made a beeline for HBO with statue in hand, as did increasingly prolific producer Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg’s winning on-screen “mom” Melissa Leo hit the poolside bash early, where guests were surprised to find that the pool was not covered this year.

Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, and Rutina Wesley navigated the long line that stretched around the corner at the always popular party early, while Julia Ormond and Aziz Ansari were amongst the last to leave. Temple Grandin herself was a popular head-turner at the massive bash.

(Helen Mirren toasts for cause with Moet and Chandon; photograph by Alex Berliner)

Upstairs at the Warner Bros./InStyle party, guests grabbed at a Godiva buffet on the way out. And as the night wound down to a close, an impromptu cheer of “J-E-T-S” sprung up, with some “spirited” attendees celebrating the upset win over the Patriots earlier in the day.

Off-site at the Sunset Tower, Paul Oakenfold spun for the CAA party. Much like the Vanity Fair Oscar party, security was so tight that portions of the Sunset Boulevard sidewalk were blocked off to prevent lookie-loos from even getting near the building.