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Greta Van Susteren Slams Brian Stelter for His ‘Cold’ Analysis of CNN Cuts

Stelter responds that ”reshaping“ is a reference to the media industry, not CNN

Greta Van Susteren is often one to play media critic and the Fox News host did just that Monday, criticizing CNN’s Brian Stelter for his commentary Sunday about CNN’s widespread layoffs.

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Stelter had called the week’s worth of layoffs “painful” but a necessary part of “reshaping.” Apparently Van Susteren found the “Reliable Sources” host’s comments painful, and said as much on her blog:

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“This is pretty cold to call what happened to so many hard working people — who lost their jobs — “reshaping.”  The truth: failed management. Those who got laid off were doing their jobs — you can’t say that for those who manage the place.  If they did their jobs, there would not be so much heartache and worry for so many.”

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“What is also cold is the way this is done. Management doesn’t manage effectively … leading to layoffs … or, code, ‘reshaping’ and then it doesn’t even have the guts to do it themselves. They have HR do it … and even worse, the reshapen employee is escorted out of the building. Go figure, right?”

Stelter responded via Twitter.

Van Susteren seems to be happy she’s not at CNN anymore, where she served as a legal analyst and anchor for a decade before going over to Fox. Last week CNN/HLN canceled five shows, laying off around 150 employees while 130 staffers agreed to buyouts.