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‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2': James Gunn Answers 5 Burning Questions

Director reveals when first trailer will drop and if Baby Groot has Groot’s memories

“Guardians of the Galaxy 2” details have been slow to trickle out, but now director James Gunn has revealed a host of new information in the form of a mock Q&A.

Gunn posted the questions and answers on his official Facebook page, letting fans know what role Thanos will play in the highly-anticipated sequel and if the Guardians will be popping up elsewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Read five of the biggest “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” revelations below.

Does Baby Groot have Groot’s Memories?

Fans of the walking, talking tree Groot may be in for a shock in the sequel, as Baby Groot will not have the memories of his predecessor. Gunn simply said, “It’s complicated” when asked to explain how Groot and Baby Groot are related.

First Trailer Will Drop by End of the Year

When posed the question of when the first trailer will be released, all Gunn would say is “before Christmas …” “Sorry. That’s as much as I can narrow it down at this time,” he said.

Gunn May Not Do “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”

With a third installment all but guaranteed, Gunn said he isn’t sure if we would return to the director’s chair for it. “I have not yet made up my mind,” he said. “Let me get through this one first! That said, I have a desire to do other things.”

Will Thanos Appear?

Thanos, the intergalactic villain who has already made several appearances in the MCU — most notably in the first “Guardians” — is not going to be appearing in Gunn’s new movie. Read the Q&A exchange Gunn wrote on the question below:

“- Is Thanos a big part of Vol. 2?
Thanos is not in Vol. 2.
– So he’s only in like one or two scenes?
No, he’s not in any of it.
– Does he get up from the chair?
He’s not in the movie, so he doesn’t really get up or not get up from the chair.”

Guardians Are “Somewhat Outside” the Rest of MCU

According to Gunn, he was given a lot of freedom by Marvel to establish the story and character arcs for the Guardians without regard for the rest of the MCU, which is based primarily on Earth.

“Fortunately, the Guardians are somewhat outside of all that, so they have complete freedom,” he said. “At least at this point. Of course any stories afterwards will have to make do with whatever happened in Vol. 2.”

“Marvel and I have the same goal for Guardians Vol. 2 — to make the biggest, most incredible spectacle film of all time, that honors the characters, and surprises audiences in a positive way,” he continued. “So until I screw up, they allow me to do my thing. And I’m grateful for that opportunity.”