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Hannity Rips ‘Crazy Liberal’ Joe Scarborough: ‘Complete Mental and Emotional Breakdown’

“All of the stress at NBC News seems to be getting to crazy liberal Joe Scarborough,” says Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity went to war against Joe Scarborough on Thursday, blasting the MSNBC anchor for his attacks on Donald Trump’s mental stability and accusing his former-Republican rival of being unstable himself.

“All of the stress at NBC News seems to be getting to crazy liberal Joe Scarborough,” said Hannity in his opening monologue on Fox News. “Earlier today, Liberal Joe had a complete mental and emotional breakdown on national television.”

The Fox News ratings king them played a lengthy segment of Scarborough’s “Morning Joe,” which showed the eponymous host trashing Trump and calling his mental state into question.

“Now we have Dr. Liberal Joe. He’s diagnosing on television in the morning,” said Hannity, gleefully employing his adopted Trumpian nickname. “Maybe Liberal Joe, maybe he should worry about getting his emotions in check and not letting this obsessive compulsive nonstop hatred of President Trump send him over the edge. Joe, you need help. There’s a lot more in serious news you should be covering.”

On Thursday, Scarborough launched an extended fusillade Thursday in which he questioned Trump’s mental health and brought up the word “dementia.” In recent months, the host has tried to tamp down speculation about the president’s mental fitness when it’s been raised by such show regulars as Donny Deutsch or even co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Hannity speculated that a recent Trump tweet — in which the president suggested Scarborough may have been involved in the death of a former intern when Scarborough was serving in Congress — is what sent him over the edge.

Watch above.