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Harrison Ford ‘Really Doesn’t Care’ to See ‘Anchorman’ or ‘Expendables’ Despite Starring in Sequels (Video)

It's hard to tell if the "Paranoia" star is joking on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" or just seriously grumpy

Harrison Ford did not see "Anchorman" or either of the first two "Expendables," he told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

But that didn't stop him from starring in their sequels. Though it is hard to tell if the grumpy Indiana Jones (don't call him that, he hates that) even wanted to appear in the movies.

"I never saw the original 'Anchorman'," Ford dryly joked. "I got down there; I had no idea who those guys were. And I still don't know who they are or what they think they're doing — because it's clearly unreleasable."

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Ford did say that he's trying to find time to see either "Expendables" or "Expendables 2," though he admitted that he "really doesn't care."

So what does Harrison Ford care about?

Apparently his new film, "Paranoia," where he sports a completely shaved head and a heck of a technology company.

Watch the clip: