Here’s Who Played THAT Character in the Second Episode of ‘Loki’

We met a very surprising new character this week

lady loki actress
Marvel Studios

(This article contains major spoilers for the second episode of “Loki,” which dropped on Disney+ on June 16)

When the premiere episode of “Loki” teased the possibility of having two Lokis facing off against each other, fans relished the idea of having to privilege to experience a whole TV show in which Tom Hiddleston has to do battle against himself.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, this other Loki is a woman. And this version of the character is played by an English actress named Sophia Di Martino.

While Di Martino is not a household name here in the U.S., she’s certainly not new to the business — her on-screen career goes back to 2004, with most of her work coming on British television. Her most recent splash — other than “Loki,” obviously — was Channel 4’s acclaimed black comedy series “Flowers,” which Di Martino starred in alongside Oscar-winner Olivia Colman.

It’s a strange and darkly quirky show, and all the characters are weirdos, so her performance there no doubt helped her land this “Loki” gig since it’s also pretty dang quirky. But you don’t have to take my word for it, because you can check out both seasons of “Flowers” on Netflix right now.

Aside from “Flowers,” Di Martino has also starred in the series “4 O’Clock Club” and “Mount Pleasant,” and had a supporting role in the Danny Boyle film “Yesterday,” among many others. She even guested on an episode of “Midsomer Murders.”

The biggest question we have about Di Martino’s surprise appearance as another Loki is about how long she’s gonna stick around. The fact that she isn’t a big name is probably a point in favor of her sticking around — since actor salaries in any franchise will balloon the longer they’re involved, it makes sense that they’d want to elevate somebody who doesn’t draw multi-million-dollar salaries from the start if it makes sense to do so.

While Di Martino didn’t get much of a chance to show off her chops in the brief amount of time she had in this episode, she certainly did look like she belonged there. Her cool new suit — which looks like a less unhinged but also much cooler version of the one Hiddleston wore in “The Avengers” — probably helped with that.

Having just met her, it’s too soon to speculate on Lady Loki’s future in the MCU. She could die at the end of the season, or she could be around for a decade. But it seems like a safe bet that if Di Martino can steal our hearts as Loki the way Hiddleston did, then it feels like a safe bet that Kevin Feige and co. will make it work.


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