Hobby Lobby Ruling: Where Are Stewart and Colbert When We Need Them Most?

Supreme Court egregiously fails to announce decision when hosts are available to make fun of it

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby contraception case comes at a grim time for America — one of those too-long periods when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are off the air.

The decision found Monday that Hobby Lobby, a chain of private craft stores, did not have to provide contraception under the Affordable Care Act because the owners said it would be against their religion to do so.

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It’s a decision that has everything Stewart and Colbert love: a debate about religious freedom and sex, the Supreme Court, even a business with a funny name. Best of all, it’s a complicated, confusing issue of the sort they revel in unsorting. This is when we need them most.

But they are gone for a while.

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“I’m on vacation for two weeks,” Colbert tweeted Saturday. “But if you need me, I can still be reached by the Colbert Signal. Ask your police commissioner for details.”

Um, commissioner?

Until he responds, here are Stewart and Colbert’s old routines about Hobby Lobby.