‘House of Villains’ 4th Eliminee Says He ‘Had so Many Brain Farts’ on His Final Challenge Fail

Johnny Bananas, Shake Chatterjee and Bobby Lytes found themselves up for banishment this week on the E! reality competition series

Johnny Bananas, Shake Chatterjee and Bobby Lytes from "House of Villains" (E! Entertainment)

“The Challenge” winner Johnny Bananas, “Love Is Blind” alum Shake Chatterjee and “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” upstart Bobby Lytes found themselves up for banishment from the “House of Villains” this week.

Lytes was actually the Supervillain of the Week, and put himself on the chopping block against Bananas, arguable the greatest competitor in reality TV history, and Chatterjee, who had skirted elimination the previous week.

Was Lytes’ self-nomination incredibly bold? Or incredibly boneheaded? Read on to find out the latest eliminee from the “House of Villains.”

Spoiler alert: The following contains major spoilers from “House of Villains” Episode 108.

Bobby, you had an epic run on “House of Villains” but you ended up being your own undoing. What possessed you to nominate yourself?

Lytes: It was the simple fact that for majority of the time in the house I had yet to see anybody actually be a real villain. I was like “You know what? Let me shake s–t up. So I decided to shake things up. And did I know it was going to be a risk? Yes. Did I care? No. Because unlike everyone else in the house, that was after the money, I was just out to the title. So I think that me making that move — putting myself up for elimination, going against Jonny Fairplay, and really putting my foot down because it was only right that I put bananas on the hit list — I think I proved to the world that I am the number one villain. Period.

I write humorous captions for my job. It’s not easy. Were you nervous when you found out the elimination challenge was your housemates voting on whose caption was the funniest?

I realized that day how unfunny I was. It’s one thing for me to just be myself and make people laugh. But to be put on the spot and come up with captions for a picture in order to make an audience laugh and everyone to find it funny, it’s a little different. And I was under so much pressure. I was so nervous. It was all hitting me that I was in the redemption challenge and that I was at risk. It just all hit me at once and I couldn’t even think. I had so many brain farts.

Did you have an “oh sh-t” moment when you realized you were at risk of elimination?

Most of the other challenges are based solely off of your performance. This one, it was based off of everyone else’s opinion. So that’s when alliances really can come into play. And I think that’s what was happening secretly. Everyone else was trying to decided, like really figure out before they even voted, who wrote this caption? So it became this really, really tedious situation where the control was no longer in my hand.

Would you have changed anything during your run?

In the beginning, I chose an alliance too early. And I think that kind of allowed for stronger alliances to form, if you know what I mean. So I would just wait and see and wait to be approached next time instead of me approaching others and trying to form what I thought was the smarter alliance.

It must’ve hurt to see your girl Tanisha vote for you.

Yeah, it was a little shocking. I didn’t know until the episode aired who actually voted for me, so I was happy. I just felt so warm inside to see that Omarosa still chose me, because she always votes with the house. And Anfisa, that was sweet. She owed it to me.

Tanisha, I’m not mad at her. She had to do what was best for her game. And Shake and Bananas were her roommates. Ultimately, it was that side of the house versus the other side. I’m not mad at it. I do not hate her. I wish her the best of luck and I’m still rooting for her.

“House of Villains” airs every Thursday on E!


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