‘House of Villains’ Third Eliminated Contestant on Surprise Blind Slide: ‘That Was Sh-tty’

Corinne Olympios, Tanisha Thomas and Shake Chatterjee were nominated for banishment by Omarosa

Corinne Olympios, Tanisha Thomas and Shake Chatterjee of "House of Villains" (E!)

A surprise blind side and broken promise saw a third contestant exit the “House of Villains” on E! this week.

Last week, Omarosa again won supervillain of the week and the ability to nominate three housemates for banishment. The former “Apprentice” star put up Corinne Olympios, Tanisha Thomas and Shake Chatterjee, despite promising that no woman would be nominated.

TheWrap caught up with this week’s eliminated contestant to talk about the blind side and whether or not they would’ve changed their strategy.

Warning, this post contains spoilers from Episode 6 of “House of Villains.”

Corinne, you were really surprised when Omarosa called out your name for banishment, especially after she promised all the women they would not be nominated.

Olympios: I was definitely shocked. But then I was like, of course Omarosa would do this. Why would I ever think that I was safe? Just because she said I was?

That was sh-tty, honestly. To put me up against Shake since we had that big fight, and he was very rude and just saying really hurtful things. The whole the whole thing was messed up for both me and Tanisha.

You, Shake and Tanisha had a chance to save yourself in the redemption challenge, which had you searching for tokens in critter-filled tanks in the complete dark. Did you think Shake had an unfair advantage because he’s a veterinarian?

This was the time that I really needed to win a challenge. To go up against Shake, who’s a vet, was annoying and unfair.

Actually, they didn’t even really show that I really I got my hands in there. I got some of the faulty coins; there were coins that didn’t work and you had to put into a different box. I really did try but that didn’t make the cut. I got some coins but they weren’t the right ones. But by then, Shake had already just gotten me out because he was gunning for me first. No surprise there.

At least you tried and put your hands in the tanks filled with snakes and rats and bugs. Tanisha didn’t.

My fear of those things is like next level. If there’s an ant on me, I’m flipping a table at a restaurant; I’m not okay with that stuff.

But I thought at the time I need to show them I want to be here and that I care, when in reality, I should have just been a floater because then I would have been no threat.

[Tanisha’s] not a threat. So it kind of backfired on me. And it just sucks I helped other people win challenges and I really was a team player. It really sucked that everyone turned on me and I was really hurt by Bananas.

Johnny Bananas (center) and Corinne Olympios (right) enjoyed a flirtation on “House of Villains” (Casey Durkin/E! Entertainment)

Where do you and things stand between you and Johnny Bananas? You were heavily flirting with him. Was that part of your strategy?

I’m just flirty in general. I just like to flirt and have fun. Nothing happened. It was all in good fun. And just like lighthearted and honestly, it kept me occupied.

We didn’t talk after the show and recently rekindled our friendship. And now we’re just great friends.

What’s next for you?

Well who’s to say that’s the last you’ll see of me on “Villains”?

“House of Villains” airs Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT on E! and catch up on the E! app.


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