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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Deleted Scene Solves the Pineapple Mystery (Video)

You can stop scratching your heads now, ”HIMYM“ fans

Sometimes a pineapple is just a pineapple, but not in this case.

One of the most puzzling mysteries of “How I Met Your Mother” has been solved, thanks to a deleted scene from the beloved CBS sitcom, which wound up its nine-season run in March.

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For years, fans have pondered the origin of the pineapple that greeted Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) at his bedside as he groggily awoke one morning.

As it turns out, the origin of the pineapple sits with The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan), who explained to Ted that, per an old sea captain’s tradition, he keeps a pineapple on his porch as a symbol of hospitality.

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“I keep one here and one outside my townhouse in the city,” MacLachlan reveals.

Cut to: the city, where a besotted Ted stumbles upon said pineapple and rudely makes off with it.

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Bad form, Ted. But at least now the world knows.

Now if only they’d unravel the mystery of why the show decided to bum fans out with that finale.

Watch the mystery unravel below.