How America’s Last Video Store Chain Survived Recessions and Streaming – But Not COVID

The company survived 10 years longer than Blockbuster, Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video

Over its four decades in business, the Midwestern-based video rental chain Family Video had to deal with changing tastes, recessions and the rise of digital media. But like a lot of businesses in the last year, America’s last surviving video chain finally met its match with COVID-19.

Founded in Springfield, Ohio, in 1978, Family Video operated 800 stores at its peak. But earlier this month, parent company Highland Ventures announced that Family Video would begin the liquidation of its remaining stores, offering deals on “DVDs, Blu-rays, Popcorn, The Sour Patch Guy, Gumball Machine, Shelves and everything else.”

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Umberto Gonzalez

Film Reporter â—˜umberto@thewrap.comâ—˜Twitter: @elmayimbe