Want to Make Your Own ‘Game of Thrones’ Cape? IKEA’s Got You

Nights Watch capes are fashioned from modified sheepskin rugs from furniture giant

For those looking to re-create “Game of Thrones” fashion, the Swedish furniture chain IKEA has released a set of instructions for turning its sheepskin rugs into the fur capes worn by the Nights Watch.

In a conversation at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles last year, costume designer Michele Clapton revealed that the capes were fashioned from modified Skold rugs from IKEA. The chat has recently resurfaced as the HBO fantasy drama returned for Season 7 and fans amused themselves with the idea of Jon Snow wearing flooring on his shoulders.

The company has had fun with the newfound interest in their rugs — searches for the rugs have increased by 775 percent — by sharing a photo of IKEA employees wearing the rugs like capes on Facebook, along with a how-to guide styled like the company’s trademark instruction manuals that come with its furniture.

See both posts below: