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Two Dogs Review ‘Planet of The Apes’ (Video)

”In the Doghouse,“ TheWrap’s new video series, is anything but catnip

Did you know that dogs are the fastest growing demographic for television and film viewing?* To keep up with this fast-reproducing audience, TheWrap proudly introduces its brand-new critical roundup, “In the Doghouse” — where dogs finally get to weigh in on their favorite movies and shows.

In our first installment, Barkston Globe critic Gaston, a miniature schnauzer, and New York Pawst critic Bugsy, a pug, weigh in on their favorite summer shows — and express unnerving enthusiasm for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”

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We also discuss Bugsy’s manifesto, and why this episode is absolutely not sponsored by Regal Cinemas.

*Not a real statistic

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