James Woods Weighs in on Roger Stone-Bin Laden Comparison: ‘Patently Stupid Stuff’

Longtime Trump associate complained that he was subjected to greater force than Bin Laden was during his arrest Friday

james woods
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Memo to Roger Stone: You’re no Osama bin Laden. At least, that seems to be James Woods’ assessment.

Actor and noted conservative Woods weighed in after longtime Trump associate Roger Stone complained on Monday that he’d been subjected to more force than terrorist Bin Laden during his arrest Friday at his Florida home.

Woods’ assessment came via a response to a New York Post tweet reading, “Roger Stone claims he’s been treated worse than Osama bin Laden.”

To which Woods replied, “Rule number one: don’t say patently stupid stuff.”

Stone made the comparison while briefly speaking to the media on Monday, prior to a court appearance on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

“I’m 66 years old, I do not own a gun, I do not have a valid passport, I have no prior criminal record, I’m charged with nonviolent process crimes,” Stone said, according to ABC affiliate KATV. “To storm my house with greater force than was used to take down Bin Laden or El Chapo or Pablo Escobar… it’s unconscionable.”

Stone was arrested by FBI agents in a pre-dawn operation at his Fort Lauderdale home on Friday. He was indicted on several criminal counts as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Woods’ assessment drew mixed reactions in the comments section of his tweet.

“To be fair, there were more operators, weapons and TV cameras at his raid than OBL lol but hyperbolic is standard for Stone,” wrote one commenter.

“He didn’t get a double tap to the head…,” read another reply.

“Rule number one: don’t believe mainstream media. He never said he had been treated worse than Osama Bin Laden,” another reply read.

“Technically the way his house was raided compared to OBL…that’s true,” yet another response read. “The FBI rank and file that was willing to go along with this shows is that we are living in a police state. You could be next.”

Read Woods’ tweet below.