‘ET Canada’ Blames ‘the Egg Nog’ for Screwing Up Jane Levy’s Name

The “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” actress was hilariously confused with a “Schitt’s Creek” star

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist NBC
Sergei Bachlakov/NBC

“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” lead Jane Levy appeared on “Entertainment Tonight: Canada” Wednesday to promote the upcoming second season of the musical comedy series. And while they got Levy’s name right on-air, “ET Canada” bungled it in the Twitter post promoting her interview.

“@SarahLevy_ @SkylarAstin and @TheAlexNewell open up about season 2 of #ZoeysExtraordinaryPlaylist,” the tweet read. Levy quickly replied, “LOL it’s ‘Jane’ not Sarah.”

Jane Levy’s co-star Skylar Astin also responded to the typo, joking, “Wait what?! Then WHAT Sarah have I been working with for two years?!!​”

To its credit, “ET Canada” had a similarly playful response. On Thursday, the show tweeted at Levy, “Apologies – we blame the egg nog from the virtual Christmas party.”

Sarah Levy is also an actress and part of Canada’s first family of acting that includes her father, Eugene Levy, and brother, Dan Levy. She appeared alongside her family in the wildly popular comedy “Schitt’s Creek,” where she played Twyla, a cafe waitress and one of the Jazzagals. She also happens to be a singer as well, so we can kinda see how the mistake was made.

For what it’s worth, Jane Levy seemingly has great respect for those other Levys. Back in May, the American actress tweeted, “In case anyone cares I pronounce my last name leeeeeeevy. Not like Eugene,” adding, “And unfortunately I’m not related to Eugene.”

Season 2 of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” debuts on NBC on Jan. 5, 2021.

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