Jennifer Garner Gets Face Pie From Jimmy Fallon, Cries on ‘Today Show’ (Video)

The former “Alias” star can make us laugh and choke us up with ease

Jennifer Garner is keeping the Internet on its toes.

First up, the actress appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” Tuesday to promote her new movie, “Danny Collins.” While there, she played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie.

In the game, Garner and Fallon position themselves in front of a Russian roulette-style device designed to launch a pie into each of their faces.

The former “Alias” star and the late-night host then played rock, paper, scissors to determine who would have to pull the trigger on a potential pie facial. Fallon cheated the odds twice before Garner took a faceful.

Then on Wednesday’s “Today Show,” Garner teared up in front of Savannah Guthrie, who asked Garner about a recent photo shoot she did with her mother and sisters for Southern Living magazine.

Garner fought back tears as she said, “There’s just nothing like sharing the spotlight with your sisters and your mom.”

Watch Garner play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie here or scroll up.

Watch Garner on the “Today Show” here or scroll down.