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‘Jeopardy’ Contestant and Bearded Bartender Austin Rogers Just Won $65,600 in a Single Game (Video)

His 5-day winnings are $188,700

=Answer: This bearded bartender from New York just won $65,600 in a single day on “Jeopardy!”
Question: Who is Austin Rogers, a guy the Internet is absolutely loving?

Rogers win on Monday doesn’t beat the all-time single day record on “Jeopardy” held by Roger Craig, a 33-year-old University of Delaware graduate student who back in September of 2010 won $77,000 in a single day. But it’s still an impressive way to continue a now 5-day winning streak that, so far, has earned him $188,700.

Rogers’ win, like in previous episodes, was punctuated by his flamboyant persona and almost arrogant confidence (a sampling of which you can see in the video above.) At one point in today’s episode, he wagered $15,700 during a Daily Double question, and he had racked up over $42,000 by the Final Jeopardy question. That behavior, along with his hipster fashion sensibilities, has endeared him to viewers, especially on Twitter, with some users comparing him to the frontman of an indie rock band, and others to a Wes Anderson character.


Even with $188,700, Rogers still has a way to go before he matches Jennings. The longest-running “Jeopardy!” contestant won 74 straight games and earned over $2.5 million during his championship.