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Jim Carrey Takes Stock of Trump’s Record in Blunt Twitter Post

”How do you like him now?“ actor/artist writes in latest Trump-thumping missive

Donald Trump’s stock is falling sharply — at least that seems to be the suggestion of Jim Carrey’s latest tweet taking aim at the president.

After dishing out a withering blow to comedian Louis C.K. earlier in the day, Carrey took time out of his Thursday afternoon to remark on Trump’s performance as Commander-in-Chief — and it was a far-from glowing assessment.

In the tweet, Carrey shared a screen shot depicting a 2.76 percent drop in the Dow Jones, which bore the alarming headline “Dow Drops Sharply.”

But recent market woes weren’t the only metric Carrey judged Trump by, as the actor/artist rattled off a litany of troubling developments under Trump’s presidency.

“Market falling, deficit exploding, 17 criminal investigations, child prisons, no infrastructure, no wall, no respect in the world, 800,000 fed employees waiting for a paycheck that #PresidentNeverWas said might not come ‘until hell freezes over,'” Carrey wrote. .

The “Kidding” star concluded, “How do you like him now?”

Blunt? Sure. Brutal? Perhaps. But compared to Carrey’s other recent reflections on Trump, it might actually be considered charitable.

On Monday, Carrey said farewell to 2018 with a political cartoon depicting Trump licking his lips as he planted a fork in a pile of poop, adorned with what appeared to be a miniature Russian flag planted in it.

“One last tweet about this Stinker for 2018,” Carrey wrote of the cartoon. “Remember — no matter what #PresidentNeverWas says in the New Year… THIS IS NOT A PIE.”

Carrey concluded, “Happy New Year, Everyone!”

See Carrey’s 2019 take on Trump below.