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Jimmy Fallon Gets Peter Pan Flying Lessons From Allison Williams (Video)

“The Tonight Show” host squeezed his “bits” into a harness before soaring across the stage

All it took to get Jimmy Fallon flying was some happy thoughts and a crotch-squeezing harness. Allison Williams, the star of NBC’s upcoming special event “Peter Pan Live” helped the late-night host get off the ground with the same special wiring that will be used during the actual production.

“The coolest thing is the first time you go up in the air,” Williams told Fallon. “I’ve watched people do it before and everyone has the same expression on their face which is just utter joy and then a couple seconds later, pain.”

Willing to endure said pain, Fallon put on his Peter Pan cap and strapped in with Williams assistance. While buckling himself, Williams recommended he turn his back to the audience so that he could, “put all his bits where they need to go.”

With his junk in place and all pre-flight safety procedures taken care of, Fallon was lifted off the ground and swung across the stage, singing: “I’m flying! I am Peter Pan.” Williams then challenged Fallon to try a frontward flip, which caused a look of terror to wash over his face.

“Do like you are going to dive into a pool,” Williams instructed.

“Oh my gosh,” Fallon said, as his feet went over his head.

Watch video from Monday’s “Tonight Show” above.

“Peter Pan Live” airs Dec. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.