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Jimmy Kimmel Accepts Roy Moore Challenge to Go to Alabama (Video)

“There is no one I would love to fight more than you,” Kimmel says, addressing the Alabama Republican

Jimmy Kimmel is ready to “fight” Roy Moore, if that’s what he was challenging him to, that is.

The host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” got into a Twitter brawl with the Alabama Republican running for a seat in the U.S. Senate on Thursday after Kimmel set up a stunt with late-night writer Tony Barbieri at Moore’s rally in a church. Kimmel used his monologue that night as a platform to escalate things further.

“.@jimmykimmel If you want to mock our Christian values, come down here to Alabama and do it man to man. #ALSen,” Kimmel said, reading the tweet Moore wrote earlier in the day.

“And I responded, and he responded back, and I responded again. It’s all on Twitter, but the bottom line is this: I accept the invitation. I will come down there,” Kimmel said.

Moore, who had asked to handle things with Kimmel “man to man” on Twitter, has been accused of sexual assault and engaging in relationships with teenage girls while in his 30s. Kimmel referenced the accusations (which Moore has denied) in his monologue, in particular the claims that the candidate has met underage girls at the mall.

“We’ll have a little Panda Express, and we’ll talk about Christian values,” Kimmel said, adding that if Moore is really asking to take things to a physical level, he’s willing to go there.

“If you are, I accept by the way. I accept that invitation,” Kimmel said. “There is no one I would love to fight more than you. I will put my Christian values aside just for you and for that fight.”

Kimmel kept things light by adding that he would “wear a Girl Scout uniform so you can have something to get excited about.” Ouch.

The late-night host suggested to Moore they give the proceeds from the fight to the “women who came forward to say you molested them.”

Kimmel also addressed the people of Alabama, as a representative from Hollywood.

“We love Alabama. We love Alabama so much we sent Reese Witherspoon to make a movie about you,” Kimmel said. “We just don’t like alleged child molesters, and we hope you can see your way clear to not electing one to the Senate of the United States of America.”