Jimmy Kimmel Gives Hasbro’s ‘Sorry!’ Game the ‘Ms Monopoly’ Treatment (Video)

Not sorry

Hasbro has made a new Monopoly game, “Ms. Monopoly,” where women make more money than men. But why stop there? On Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel pitched the toy and game-maker a feminist version of “Sorry.”

Cut to a nice family — mom, dad, and son — playing the classic apology-laden game of colorful pawns. The boy knocks his dad’s pawn off the board. “Sorry!” the kid exclaims.

Then mom boots her hubby’s piece. “Sorr– Actually, no,” she says, catching herself. “I’m not sorry.”

“Why am I always apologizing?” mom wonders as the two dudes look at each other.

“I like who I am,” she adds, “and I don’t need your forgiveness.”

The button — or scene-ending joke — of the sketch is a good one. We won’t spoil it.

Watch the video above.

Interestingly enough, this is the second night in a row Kimmel has mocked Hasbro products. “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” now brought to you by Mattel?