Biden Embraces Jimmy Fallon’s TikTok Jab by Roasting His Ratings: ‘If Colbert Won’t’ Make Fun of Me, ‘You’re Fine Too’ | Video

“The Tonight Show” host was, however, delighted to be on Biden’s “President’s Day to-do list”

Joe Biden (Credit: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Last week, Jimmy Fallon had some fun at Joe Biden’s expense with an amusing bit poking fun at Biden’s age and at his new TikTok account. But on Monday, Biden celebrated President’s Day by proving he can take a joke with a TikTok video that poked fun at Fallon’s ratings.

In a clip posted to the Biden-Harris TikTok account, a short excerpt of the Fallon bit was followed by Biden himself, who said, “I’m always happy to be made fun of by America’s most-watched late night host. But if Colbert won’t do it, you’re fine too.”

See the clip below:

Fallon for his part was delighted by it, commenting, “Honored to be on your President’s Day to-do list.”

For those catching up, the White House launched the official Biden-Harris TikTok account during the Super Bowl. A few days later, on Friday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” Fallon used that as inspiration for a bit in which he imagined just what Biden would be like on the platform.

For instance, nodding to a recent social media trend, it included Fallon’s Biden saying, “My Roman Empire is the Roman Empire – ’cause I was there.”

“I’m the president, of course I wear my aviators in the shower,” Fallon-as-Biden quipped at one point. “I’m the president, of course I say ‘come on, man,’ when I’m running out of brain. Come on, man.”

It went along those lines for a few minutes, and you can watch the whole thing here.


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