John Lennon’s Killer Mark David Chapman: ‘Sorry for Being Such an Idiot’

Denied parole for the eighth time, Chapman also boasted of his “incredible planning, absolutely incredible stalking”

The killer of John Lennon remains in prison after being denied parole for the eighth time last week. In the transcript of his hearing before the parole board, Mark David Chapman said, “I am sorry for being such an idiot and choosing the wrong way for glory.”

Chapman shot and killed John Lennon outside the singer’s apartment house in Manhattan on Dec. 8, 1980. He fired five shots, with four of them striking and killing the former Beatles member. He was sentenced to 20 years to life in 1981 after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

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In his parole hearing, Chapman said, “I am sorry for causing that type of pain.” He said he still gets letters about it after all these years, so he knows “it’s not a regular crime,” adding, “Many, many people loved him. He was a great and talented man and they are still hurting.”

At the same time, he boasted about the “incredible planning, absolutely, incredible stalking” that it took on his part to get into the position to commit the crime. “This wasn’t a, you know, naive crime,” he said. “It was a serious, well thought out crime … No question about it.”

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In denying his parole, the three-member board said that they believed the 59-year-old Chapman would again break the law if released. They concluded that releasing him would be “incompatible with the welfare of society.”