John Oliver Craps on Facebook: ‘Calling Facebook a Toilet Is a Little Unfair to Toilets’ (Video)

“Last Week Tonight” host creates honest commercial for troubled social media platform

John Oliver is not “Liking” Facebook these days.

“Calling Facebook a toilet is a little unfair to toilets because they make s— go away, whereas Facebook retains s—, disseminates s— to your acquaintances and reminds you of s— from seven years ago, all while allowing corporations to put their s— in front of you,” the “Last Week Tonight” host said on Sunday’s show. “What I’m saying is there’s a purity and integrity to toilets that Facebook seriously lacks.”

At the end of Sunday night’s main segment, Oliver unveiled an honest Facebook commercial, which contained more toilet humor and expletives. We’re guessing the popular social media platform probably won’t take HBO up on airing it.

Watch the video above, which focuses heavily on the service’s impact in Myanmar and other developing countries, where spreading misinformation online can be even more dangerous than it is in the U.S.

Spoiler alert: There’s not a ton of heart-button pushing by Oliver and his writers.

By the way, here is Oliver’s official Facebook page. Click here for the “Last Week Tonight” one.