John Oliver Prays ‘the Sun Explodes’ if Trump Wins 2nd Term

“But that is an outside chance,” the HBO host admits


John Oliver definitely has hopes for a second term for Donald Trump — but that hope is more that the world ends, not that Trump actually wins.

To kick off the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, Oliver made sure to touch on the Supreme Court’s decision to hear Trump’s immunity case, marveling at how one reporter pointed out that this will answer a major question: “Can a former president be criminally prosecuted for actions taken while in office?”

“It’s an interesting question and real quick: Yes,” Oliver responded bluntly. Yes. A former president can be criminally prosecuted for actions taken in office. It is one of those questions to which the answer should really be obvious.”

The Supreme Court has set an April date for Trump’s hearing, delaying any potential conviction for months, and opening up a distinct possibility that a verdict won’t come at all before the 2024 election.

“And if Trump wins that election, who knows what happens?” Oliver said. “I mean, fingers crossed, the sun explodes, but that is an outside chance.”

But, Oliver isn’t at all surprised by Trump’s delay tactics.

“It seems like consequences for the insurrection could be yet another thing that Trump tries to kick down the road, ignoring it and hoping it goes away, like his various debts or multiple court cases or acknowledging any of his children’s birthdays,” the HBO host joked.

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” airs on Sunday on HBO.


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