John Oliver Calls Out Trump’s Love of Number 16: ‘Should Be Off-Limits’ to Anyone With ‘Photos With Jeffrey Epstein’

“Know what I like about 16? It’s even. It’s four months,” Trump reportedly said of a federal abortion ban


Donald Trump apparently has an appreciation of the number 16, at least as it applies to abortion bans, and John Oliver was thoroughly bothered by that during Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight.” According to the HBO host, a former friend of Jeffrey Epstein should never ask the question “you know what I like about 16?”

Indeed, Trump reportedly used this phrase in private conversation. According to a recent report from The New York Times, Trump floated the idea of a federal ban of abortions at 16 weeks, saying “Know what I like about 16? It’s even. It’s four months.”

“I will say, starting any sentence with ‘You know what I like about 16?’ should be off-limits for anyone who has this many photos with Jeffrey Epstein,” Oliver sniped.

At that, multiple photos of Donald Trump flanking Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sexual abuser who died in prison, flashed on screen.

The HBO host also called out Trump’s Truth Social post regarding the status of IVF in Alabama, after a state supreme court ruled that embryos could legally be considered children. In the post, Trump wrote that he “strongly” supports the use and availability of IVF for couples struggling to have children.

“The Republican Party should always be on the side of the Miracle of Life – and the side of Mothers, Fathers, and their Beautiful Babies,” Trump wrote. “IVF is an important part of that, and our Great Republican Party will always be with you, in your quest, for the ULTIMATE JOY IN LIFE!

“It’s incredible how even objectively wholesome sentences take on an air of creepiness when passed through the chaotic Trump punctuation filter,” Oliver joked.

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” airs on Sundays on HBO.


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