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Jon Stewart Mocks Hillary Clinton for 2-Phone Burden Cited in Response to Email Scandal (Video)

”Daily Show“ host promises to hit the topic even harder on Wednesday

Jon Stewart used Tuesday’s “Daily Show” opening to tease Wednesday night’s topic: Hillary Clinton responding to her personal email scandal.

“Hillary Clinton had a press conference just a little bit earlier today, so we’ll have full coverage tomorrow,” Stewart started. “Just a brief thing: it’s about the email scandal. Turns out, it’s all OK.”

“She said she did not use the government email, rather she used her personal email, because she did not want to have two phones,” the Comedy Central host set up.

After a moment of speechlessness, the comedian sarcastically said, “I mean, that’s a super-hassle to have two phones.”

“Isn’t she surrounded by people? Doesn’t she have, like, a sandwich team?” he wondered aloud. “She couldn’t be like, ‘Hey man could you hold this other phone for me?’ Guess not.”

Watch that brief opening video, along with the other segments from Tuesday’s “Daily Show” — which include a Lewis Black rant on circus elephants: