Jonathan Majors’ 9-1-1 Call, Bodycam Footage and Photos Unsealed in Domestic Abuse Case

The trove of digital evidence includes the Marvel actor telling responders that his ex was suicidal

Jonathan Majors
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A trove of preciously sealed digital evidence in Jonathan Majors’ misdemeanor domestic abuse case was released to the public Wednesday, including some intense and fraught text message exchanges and audio recordings that so far had only been seen and heard by the six-person Manhattan jury.

Judge Michael Gaffey abruptly approved the release of the materials, ruling that the cross-examination of accuser Grace Jabbari by Majors’ defense attorney warranted the assets be unsealed. Before that, Priya Chaudhry had successfully argued that the evidence would be prejudicial and damaging to her client.

The evidence included the 911 call Majors placed the morning after their March 25 fight in New York City; photos Jabbari took of the dark bruising on the finger and a cut behind her ear; police bodycam footage as officers enter the apartment; and security footage of the altercation outside the car.

“She’s my ex-partner,” Majors says in one recording. “We broke up. I came back. She sent me text messages insinuating as much. I stayed in a hotel last night. I came home this morning. I banged on the door. I’ve been at the apartment for about 20 minutes now. I banged on the door. I couldn’t get in. I finally went downstairs and asked the doorman to help us. And they let me in via the handyman.”

Majors and Jabbari ended their two-year relationship the night before when she found a text message on his phone as they rode home from dinner suggesting he was seeing someone else. The 30-year-old professional dancer from London testified last week that months of escalating, volatile outbursts and controlling behavior led up to the March 25 fight on the streets of Chinatown.

Prosecutors opened the trial seeking to paint Majors as a serial abuser and manipulator, while his defense attorney said Jabbari lost control and attacked him the night she discovered his infidelity.

Majors faces up to a year in jail if convicted on four counts including misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment and harassment. It did not appear that Majors would take the stand, meaning the case could go to the jury as early as Thursday morning.


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