‘Judge Dredd’ Web Series From ‘Dredd’ EP Adi Shankar Debuts (Video)

Watch all six episodes of the animated mini-series

Fans of 2012 critically acclaimed box office dud “Dredd” have been begging for more action from executive producer Adi Shankar, and he’s finally delivered.

The filmmaker, best known for producing violent R-rated thrillers and “bootleg” Marvel short films, debuted six animated episodes of “Judge Dredd: Superfriend” on Monday.

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“This ‘Bootleg Universe’ mini-series was made in the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons based on our favorite sci-fi comic book characters,” Shankar wrote in a message to viewers. “The look was inspired by 90’s MTV, ‘Ren & Stimpy,’ with a dash of ‘ReBoot’ juxtaposed with the trademark violence found in everything I have done.”

“Dredd” starred Karl Urban as the eponymous judge, jury and executioner fighting an entire criminal organization alongside a rookie, played by Olivia Thirlby. Before that, Sylvester Stallone wore the helmet alongside comedic relief Rob Schneider.

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Watch episode one (above), and if you like what you see, stream the entire series below: