Seth Meyers and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Go ‘Day Drinking’ in NYC: ‘This Show Is a Terrible Idea’ | Video

The “Veep” actress reveals on “Late Night” whether she’d call Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld if she were in prison — among other things

Late-night host Seth Meyers was joined by Julia Louis-Dreyfus for his oft-hilarious “Day Drinking” segment, and the pair did not disappoint. While meeting to ostensibly discuss Louis-Dreyfus’ latest movie “Tuesday,” they also engaged in an absolutely enormous amount of drinking, something that prompted a beleaguered Louis-Dreyfus to say, “This show is a terrible idea” — early on.

The two kicked things off the “Late Night” segment with a vice-presidential-themed round of drinks inspired by Louis-Dreyfus’ HBO series “Veep.” These included a Norman Rockefeller (ingredients include ruby port and Goldschläger) that Louis-Dreyfus described as “revolting” and a Harry Truman (two Jägerbombs dropped into beer). Their final VP-themed drink was a Dick Cheney, which ended up being just a shot — “Because he shot somebody in the face,” the actress guessed.

“He did,” Meyers said. “And then we look back on it. We’re like, ‘remember those simple times?’”

The host told Louis-Dreyfus that she is his favorite of the “three-named celebrity club” and challenged her to guess the names of fellow celebrities who go by three names, which she completely bombed. Louis-Dreyfus was unable to identify the first actress with the clue (blank) Jessica (blank), but most hilariously failed to identify (blank) Luther (blank) — civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. (While that other one would have been, of course, actress Sarah Jessica Parker.)

Immediately after those two, Louis-Dreyfus nailed “Mary Louise Parker,” which prompted Meyers to point out “how quickly you got the white lady.”

The two also engaged in a truth-or-dare-style game that would have had Louis-Dreyfus taking more shots, but she managed to evade most of Meyers’ efforts (as he continued to take shots no matter what). Meyers asked Louis-Dreyfus — who is married to former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and “Weekend Update” anchor Brad Hall — who her favorite “Weekend Update” host is.

Her answer? Not Hall, not Meyers, but “Tina [Fey] and Amy [Poehler].”

Toward the end of their adventure, Meyers challenged Louis-Dreyfus to choose between “Seinfeld” star Jerry Seinfeld and the show’s cocreator Larry David in a series of questions. She revealed she’d rather go to prom with David, have Seinfeld pick out an Emmys outfit for her and that Seinfeld is the person she’d call if she were actually in prison.

Perhaps most importantly, Louis-Dreyfus also said if she were at dinner with both Seinfeld and David, they would expect her to pick up the check — and they wouldn’t even fight her on it.

You can watch the “Day Drinking” segment in the video above.


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