Justice Ginsburg’s Rousing Hobby Lobby Dissent Has Been Turned into a Beautiful Song (Video)

For those who don’t want to read legal analysis, there is an acoustic melody to save the day

Jonathan Mann has been writing a song a day for nearly 2000 days, and few have been more topical or important as his latest.

The singer-songwriter, who boasts a sizable YouTube following for his improbably prolific output, put to music the massive dissent issued by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday in response to the controversial Hobby Lobby case. The close 5-4 ruling granted some companies the right to not cover contraceptives in health plans due to owners’ religious beliefs, which outraged women’s rights advocates, liberals, opponents of corporate personhood, and many in Hollywood.

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Because Mann distilled the dissent down to a two minute and 43 second song with a catchy hook, not every nuance is in his latest release, but it gets down to the core of the matter with this chorus: “The court I fear/Has ventured into a minefield/Slut shaming geezers/And religious extremism/One thing’s clear/This fight isn’t over/We gotta stand together/For what we know is right”