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Kanye Rants About ‘Mind Control,’ Says Jack Dorsey Promised ‘Reprogramming’ of Twitter

The rapper says he also spoke with Twitter chief Jack Dorsey

After more than a week away, Kanye West returned to Twitter on Saturday night with a nearly 10 minute Periscope clip in which he talked “mind control,” and a conversation he said he had with Twitter chief Jack Dorsey.

“I just want to talk about mind control,” said West. “You know when people try to influence you through social media and try to tell you what to do or if you post something that’s positive on Instagram and it gets taken down if it’s not a part of a bigger agenda. That’s like mind control.”

“I feel like when people tell me what to do, I feel like they’re touching my brain,” West continued. “They’re trying to control our minds They’re trying to control my mind and when someone tells me what to do and what I can wear and I can’t wear I feel like they are touching my brain.”

“I just talked to Jack tonight, Jack Dorsey and he said they’re working for the next four month on reprogramming to allow people to take off the followers and allow people to take off the likes because that works against your self worth.”

During the video, West also talked briefly and about author and objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand.

A rep for Twitter declined to comment or answer any other questions about what the pair might have spoken about.

The video marks an official return for West who left Twitter just over a week. He has still managed to stay in the spotlight however, making a stop at the White House on Thursday for a lunch with President Trump, Ivanka and Jared Kushner. West went on lengthy swear-laden tirade in the Oval Office in which he said Trump made him feel like “superman” and left reporters and even Trump himself speechless.

For months West has taken a hard pro-Trump turn which has left allies baffled, with many commentators on CNN and elsewhere openly suggesting he may be suffering from mental illness.