Kellyanne Conway: ‘Why Is Everybody so Obsessed With the President?’ (Video)

The White House aide faced a barrage of questions from the D.C. press corps this morning

Last Updated: August 17, 2018 @ 7:46 AM

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway asked members of the D.C. press corps Friday why everyone was so “obsessed” with the president of the United States.

“Why is everybody so obsessed with the president of the United States that they can’t even begin or finish a sentence without mentioning his name five times,” she told the media after facing questions outside the White House. “It’s kind of weird.”

The footage was first captured by C-SPAN, which noted the somewhat incongruous remark in a tweet. Reporters didn’t have much of a reaction after Conway questioned why they would care about the comings and goings of President Trump.

While she walked to work on Friday, Conway faced a barrage of criticism from the press on matters ranging from the president’s proposed military parade, veterans issues and the decision to revoke security clearance for ex-CIA director John Brennan.

‘You’re in the business of opinion not news, most days,” she snapped at one reporter.

Once one of the most visible Trump surrogates on the campaign trail and during the early days of the administration, Conway has become a lesser presence on mainstream and liberal media.

Conway’s memorable appearances on networks like CNN and MSNBC were widely criticized for filibustering and dissimulation of facts. She told Chuck Todd in January 2017 that the White House often subscribed to “alternative facts” to the ones presented by the press.

Still, she has remained a fixture in the West Wing, surviving longer than many of her original colleagues who joined the White House following Trump’s election.

In recent months, Conway has become known increasingly for the tweets of her husband, George Conway. The mild-mannered lawyer has become a quiet, but persistent Trump critic on Twitter, launching critical tweets and subtweets towards the president — and creating no shortage of consternation for his wife.

During an appearance on CNN, Conway implied it was sexist to bring up her husband’s comments as a reflection of her work.

“We’re now going to talk about other people’s spouses and significant others just because they either work at the White House or CNN? Are we going to do that? You just went there,” she told Dana Bash in April, adding the questions about George Conway were designed to “harass and embarrass” her.