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Kevin Hart Is Certain Justin Bieber Cried After Comedy Central Roast: ‘It Got a Little Rough’ (Video)

”I kept pointing at him like ‘You better hold it back, boy,'“ the roastmaster tells Jimmy Kimmel. ”You don’t let them cameras see it come down“

Kevin Hart joined Jimmy Kimmel at South-by-Southwest on Monday night, where the stand-up comic and “Get Hard” star regaled the Austin audience with stories from the recently taped “Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.”

“There were some moments where I was like, ‘Justin’s gonna cry in the car,'” Hart recalled.

“It got a little rough,” the diminutive comedian admitted at a few points during the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” panel.

Hart said he could even see a tear forming among Bieber’s forced laughter during the event, which taped on Saturday and runs on March 30.

“I kept pointing at him like ‘You better hold it back, boy,'” the ABC late-night guest added. “You don’t let them cameras see it come down.”

Bieber even went so far as to do a dramatic knee-slap to cover up the cry, Hart at least half-joked.

Joking aside, Hart did give Bieber credit for taking the taunts like a man, owning up to his silly past behavior and promising to mature in his rebuttal.

“This is like his bar mitzvah,” Kimmel interjected, prompting Hart to confuse Jewish traditions.

The two then talked about how Martha Stewart unexpectedly killed it with her time on the dais.

Watch the video:

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